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I'                                A full playlist for the Clubmen 1645 is available via You Tube.

In A Rut. Artist, Stewart MacArthur


Ann Laura Hughes . Historian of the English Revolution
In A Rut

'In A Rut', by artist Stewart MacArthur..

Clubmen 1645 Banner

Clubmen 1645 Banner at Burford 2017 Levellers Day.

Clubmen1645 Map on display.

Clubmen1645 Map on display at Independent book shop Black Pug Books 2017.

Clubmen flag at The Levellers Day, Burford
Image by Stewart MacArthur

Clubmen Down, Rev Thomas Bravell

Clubmen Richard Newman
Buxbury hill where was held a rendezvous of Wiltshire clubmen.'.

Buxbury hill where was held a rendezvous of Wiltshire clubmen.'1645

Castle Hill, Shaftesbury. Clubmen gathering August 1645.

Scene of Clubmen meeting of August 1645 and capture of leaders by Parliamentary troops.

Great Day Out On Hambledon Hill Talking On The Clubmen With School  From North Dorset 2017.
Mere Beacon, Scene of Clubmen gathering 25th July 1645
thomas young signature

Thomas Young. Signature. Covenant to stand seized.

Desires And Resolutions

Desires And Resolutions deceleration, as read out at Badbury Rings 1645.

Clubmen Montage

Montage, Clubmen 1645

Hambledon Hill

Hambledon Hill, scene of battle with Clubmen and Cromwell's dragoons.

Clubmen Down with Compton Abbas in valley, home of Reverend Thomas Bravel.
Humble Petition of the Inhabitants of Dorset, Thomas Young.
Peace And Truth Banner

Peace And Truth banner as used by the Clubmen. Seen here at the Desires and Resolutions deceleration. Badbury Rings 2016

Clubmen Down

Clubmen Down, Scene of Clubmen meeting at Compton Abbas with the Reverend Thomas Bravel 1645

Duncliffe Hill

Duncliffe Hill, meeting place of Cromwell and Clubmen 1645

If You Offer To Plunder, flag 1645
Desires and Resolutions Declartion

Desires and resolutions speech as read out at Badbury Rings 2016. Art work by Stewy Art.

If You Offer to Plunder

Offer to Plunder, flag motto as used by the Clubmen. Held here in Newark 2016. Pikes and Plunder May 1st 2016 a 370th year anniversary of the fall of Newark in the English Civil War. With two days of events around the historical town of Newark, re-enactors in soldier period costume from the English Civil War bring the era to life again. Newark is the home of the National Civil War Centre now entering into its second year since opening in 2015.

Clubmen1645 Desires and Resolutions
White Ribbon as worn by the Clubmen

White ribbon as worn by the Clubmen. Seen here on Clubmen Down. Compton Abbas.

In A Rut, by Stewart MacArthur

In A Rut. Artist, Stewart MacArthur
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