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The view seen from the village of Manston above, home of the Lawyer Thomas Young. "That man more eloquent then trustworthy" 'Spoke at Badbury rings. The view includes three of the main meeting areas of the Dorset Clubmen in 1645. Duncliffe Hill, Clubmen Down where the Reverend Thomas Bravell held meetings and Hambledon Hill, the place of battle between Cromwell, his dragoons and the Clubmen.

Clubmen Down . Compton Abbas. Home of Rector Thomas Bravell. Meetings of Clubmen Were held here in 1645.

In the frame from Melbury Hill, Compton Abbas, home of the former rector of old St Mary's and Clubmen leader Reverend Thomas Bravell, Clubmen Down and Hambledon Hill.

Hambledon Hill a large Iron Age Fort was where a large gathering of 2-4000 Clubmen were preparing to march upon Sherborne to free Clubmen leaders captured in Shaftesbury under General Fairfax's authority. 
"Being led by Reverend Thomas Bravell from Compton Abbas ," this body of men were to change tack and take up a defensive position on the hill after hearing Cromwell was heading their way, 4th August 1645

Badbury Rings, the scene of the reading by the lawyer Thomas Young of the Clubmen's Desires and Resolutions in 1645, 4,000 people had gathered to hear these..

Around 300-400 Clubmen were held overnight in St Mary's Church which was being used as a gaol in Shroton after The Battle of Hambledon, Hill August 4th 1645.

4th August 1645 Lieutenant General Cromwell having been given intelligence of Clubmen rendezvous in the county of Dorset, set forth to engage with them. With a party of 1000 Dragoons from Sherborne heading towards the town of Shaftesbury his first encounter came at Duncliffe Hill a heavily wooded area near the town of Shaftesbury.

Lomers Ash

Lomers Ash near Winchester, scene of the Clubmen's battle with Colonel Norton, Major Harrison and Colonel Fleetwood's Regiment. 

ICastle Hill in Shaftesbury. August 3rd 1645, 50 Clubmen leaders were captured unlawfully by Colnoel Fleetwod Regiment of Horse. A 1000 horse surrounded the Clubmen under General Fairfax orders.

IMere Beacon in Wiltshire where on 25th July 1645 a rendezvous of Clubmen was held. Thomas Young the great orator of Badbury gave a long speech. 

The view from Grovely Castle where on June the 13th 1645 a possible  gathering of Clubmen did happen. Accounts from a Christopher Dale state they did gather at Grovely. The ancient hill fort as a place to meet would be a in common with other Clubmen gatherings.

View from the top of Saint Roche's Hill in Sussex. On the top of the hill sits The Trundle an iron age fort. Here on the 18th/19th 1645 September The Clubmen of Sussex gathered.




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