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Glow Badbury, organised by Emerald Ant, September 2023

Updated: Jun 19

Wimborne Community Theatre will be creating a new piece of theatre to portray the true story of the Dorset Clubmen at an event titled Glow Badbury at Badbury Rings in September 2023.

Wimborne Community Theatre link.

During the English Civil War in the 1640s a third sort, "greater than the others both in fortune and number" came together in making demands for a peace between the two warring parties, Royalist and Parliamentarian alike. This third sort went under the name of 'Clubmen'.

Over the time leading up to the performance I will be posting notes/short, worded pieces giving a brief description of those involved in the 1645 forming of associations (Clubmen) and events/places they found themselves at in a "war most horrid". This will continue until the event/ a work in progress.

Hawles/George Hawles of Monkton Up Wimborne Dorset and Thomas Hawles of The Close, Wiltshire, Salisbury 1645. These notes are free to download via Flickr, click on link or image.

The Desires and Resolutions of the Clubmen of Dorset and Wilts.

The Third Sort

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