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Jaws, Quint, Robert Shaw, The Clubmen Declarations and Petitions. Read by Adrian McKenna

The declarations and petitions published through the 17th century civil wars of the three kingdoms are an insight into the wars toll on those who were in a war but not at war. They shine a light onto the generality who were, through no fault of their own doing, plunged into a conflict that would bring a need for their voice being brought to these two warring sides of King and Parliament. A desire to resolve this civil war, and while living through this war, an order brought to Parliamentarian and Cavalier alike. For both were as one and agreed when it came to a plunder on those of no side.

After an exchange of books, Adrian McKenna a musician, and author of the 'Eddie Cochran - A Fast Moving Beat Show: The Tragic Story Of The Final Fatal UK Tour' came to me one day out of the blue with a recording he had kindly done of the 1648 ‘Declaration of the County of Dorset, Showing their consent to join with other Counties in this Loyal work of redeeming his Majesty and settling the Kingdom.’

Adrian and I had had many discussions on the novels of actor, author Robert Shaw (yes him of Jaws fame with his portrayal of Quint). Adrian is well versed in the novels of Shaw and a mind of information on, regarding an analysis of. We would often exchange, still do, our thoughts on. We in fact had met by a route of a new novelisation inspired by the film Jaws and focused on the backstory of the character of Quint, the shark hunter in Jaws. This new book by author Ryan Dacko called 'The Book of Quint' had brought about lots of new friendships being made and an event in Westhoughton which Ryan attended with his new novel had resulted in me and Adrian, as mentioned earlier, exchanging copies of our own books, Clubmen 1645 Neutralism in a Revolution for his Eddie Cochran-A Fast Moving Beat Show.

As many know, with those that have seen the film, Jaws is based on an external threat (in this case in the form of a shark) that terrorises a local community and how that community comes together to tackle it, protect themselves and their livelihoods. All the characters' own stories play into this threatening situation they now find themselves.

So yes, not a million miles away from what was occurring on those caught up in a 17th century civil war not of their making.

A chain of events, a new book based on the character of Quint from Jaws by Ryan Dacko, a love of the novels of Shaw and a trip to Westhoughton bringing a new collaboration with musician/author Adrian Mckenna.

'The Book of Quint' by Ryan Dacko. For link to click on the book front cover.

The Words of The Clubmen spoken/sung by Adrian McKenna.

‘The Declaration of the County of Dorset, Showing their consent to join with other Counties in this Loyal work of redeeming his Majesty and settling the Kingdom.’ 1648. Read by Musician and Author Adrian McKenna

The Clubmen meeting on Cattle Hill was presented by Mr Willis at The Clubmen's Rendezvous on June 30th 1645. Read by Adrian McKenna

The Dorset And Wilts Desires and Resolutions Petition 1645, read by Adrian McKenna

Western Husbandsman's Lamentation Music by and read by Adrian McKenna

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