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Aftermath of The Battle of Hambledon Hill

Among the 300-400 Clubmen held over night in St Mary's Church being used as a gaol in Shroton after The Battle of Hambledon Hill <August 4th 1645> was the Reverend Thomas Bravell, the man who threatened to pistol whip any who didn't hold their ground. A long grave was dug south of St Mary's Church tower and 12-60 in number, <records vary> who were killed were buried. After being lectured from the pew by Oliver Cromwell and described in his account of "as Vile Ministers and Poor Silly Creature creatures" < Tad Harsh> the majority were let go. Rev Thomas Bravell was among as were another 16 taken to Sherborne and imprisoned. Fairfax was to see fit who was to be taken to London. Rev Thomas Bravell was sequestered then reinstated as Rector of Compton Abbas until his death in 1655. Among the number also being released were no fewer than four vicars and curates

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