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"We shall be ready to serve them the like trick"

Parliamentarian Colonel Norton by September 26th 1645 was declaring the put down of the Hampshire Clubmen and letting it be known if the Sussex Clubmen did not heed "we shall be ready to serve them the like trick" His troops had hacked many, arrested their leaders and took about 1,000 arms while in Hampshire.

Sussex however continued it's dissent in the imposing of what was being forced upon them. Petition of the Sussex Association in part gives an insight into the thoughts of the counties Clubmen.

"The petition of the Sussex Association 26th September 1645"

The insufferable, insolent, arbitrary power that has been used against us, contrary to all our ancient known laws or ordinances of Parliament upon our persons and estates, by imprisoning our persons, imposing of sums of money, light horses, and dragoons, and exacting of loans by some particular persons stepped into authority who have delegated their power to men of sordid condition whose wills have been laws and commands over our persons and estates, by which they overthrow all our English liberties.

Ref, Fear in Early Modern Society

By William G. Naphy, Penny Roberts.. Sussex in the Great Civil War and interregnum 1642-1660

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