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  • Haydn Wheeler

"Desires and Resolutions" Read by that great orator of Badbury, Thomas Young in May 25th of 1645

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

During the 17th Century English Revolution both sides, those for Parliament and those for the King caused havoc among local towns and villages.

The continuing plundering of the inhabitants of the county by soldiers had caused by May of 1645 the Clubmen (being called angry multitudes) to demand a return to their "ancient rights and liberties".

Drawn both from county and town they demanded as an immediate, self-protection from the depredations of the military with an end goal to all hostilities.

After agreement at a place called "Gorehedge-Corner"

Art work, courtesy of Stewart McArthur

Badbury Rings on May 25th 1645 saw 4000 men and women gathered to hear Thomas Young "a man more eloquent then honest" an attorney of law, read out the Clubmen Dorset Declaration entitled,

"Desires and Resolutions"

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