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"how to prevent any inconvenience that may happen by reason of these Clubmen"

18th September 1645 A Mr Cawley and the Sussex Committee reported up to a 1000 Clubmen had met at Rowkeshill <The Trundle an ancient iron age hillfort> near Chichester. On the previous day 600 had met at Runcton Down and with a meeting planned at Bury Hill near Arundel prompt action was taken to quash the uprising. Colonel Norton <idle dick> a friend of Oliver Cromwell was ordered into Sussex where he was to be reinforced with a thousand horse. The committees of Hants, Surrey and Sussex met and were directed to consult on "how to prevent any inconvenience that may happen by reason of these Clubmen"

An eyewitness account to the speaker of the House of Commons William Lenthall speaks of warrants sent by the ring leaders of the Clubmen to neighboring towns and hamlets to join with them in keeping at a rendezvous on Runcton Hill. With great numbers meeting at their quarters in Walberton, a Colonel Morley, Captain Morley and Major Young after consultation saw fit to fall on them at there quarters. In the early hours of Sunday morning the 21st September Major Young set on their quarters in Walberton, killing who went to warn by bell ringing. With the warning quashed most fled. The report records two malignant ministers taking prisoner and some stragglers who were to be made examples of to deter further Clubmen activities. This was not to be. Pic below The Trundle Clubmen meeting 18th Sept 1645, Letter from the Rylands collection Report Rising, Clubmen Sussex as read to speaker of the House Lenthall. Ref, Sussex in the great Civil War and the interregnum, 1642-1660

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