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  • Haydn Wheeler

Warrant of the Wiltshire Clubmen, Buxbury Hill, May 26th 1645.

Updated: May 26, 2020

Following the Clubmen, meeting and agreement of May 25th 1645 'Desires And Resolutions' declaration, where 'certain directions for the present behaviour were made'. The Hillside of Buxbury ( Buxbury round barrow, Buxbury Hill ) saw a second meeting of Clubmen. By nine o'clock 26th May 1645 a warrant of the Wiltshire Clubmen called on the inhabitants of Dinton village (birthplace of Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon) to appear.

Situated less than four miles to the south of the village. The warrant was brief in nature and concerned the local people's fears of the Civil War now centered in Dorset, Wiltshire.

"to confer with your neighbouring parishes about matters concerning your and their defense and safety*"

This meeting was held near, on part of the ridge-way walk, where you can walk from Salisbury to the Donhead's. The A30 road runs near by and the Monarch's Way runs through Dinton and links up with Grovely Wood. Grovely is mentioned in the Christopher Dale account of the Clubmen of Salisbury, July 2nd 1645.

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